July 11, 2018 – OutPut
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Day: July 11, 2018

Mexico’s Privatization Futures | OutPut by Rig Lynx

Earlier this year, oil and gas statisticians in Mexico marked a historical first, for on 23 March officials at the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) created a buzz in the market by including “251 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe)” in national reserves discovered by private exploration and production companies operating their own prospection blocks. While […]

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What will it take to move 5.4 million barrels per day out of the Permian | OutPut by Rig Lynx

The pipeline crunch threatening the world’s hottest shale play won’t be solved until at least the back half of next year. But then, the floodgates will open. Pipelines serving the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico were able to carry 2.9 million barrels of oil a day in the second quarter, according to analysts at Bloomberg […]

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$50 Billion in new mergers and acquisitions coming for the Permian | OutPut by Rig Lynx

Oil and gas mergers and acquisitions are expected to surge with upwards of $50 billion in new U.S. deals for the rest of the year following a spring lull, according to a new report. The land rush in West Texas’ booming Permian Basin largely ended last year, and now it’s time for the dealmaking and […]

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