July 8, 2018 – OutPut
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Day: July 8, 2018

Shale Gas “veritable revolution” is an understatement | OutPut by Rig Lynx

The shale gas revolution is turning ten years old and is apparently only just getting started. A new report by the business information provider IHS Markit traces the remarkable rise of the shale gas in the United States over the past decade and projects that natural gas production will grow by another 60% over the next 20 years. “To […]

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BHP auctioning off shale assets, $10 billion worth, BP in the lead | OutPut by Rig Lynx

BP Plc is in the lead to acquire the U.S. onshore shale oil and gas assets of BHP Billiton Ltd after submitting an offer worth well in excess of $10 billion, people familiar with the matter said on Friday. The move represents a big bet by BP on U.S. oil and gas production at a […]

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Citgo trying to dodge a $2 billion bullet from Conoco | OutPut by Rig Lynx

ConocoPhillips has won a court ruling allowing it to depose Citgo, the U.S. unit of troubled Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, Reuters reports. The move is part of Conoco’s offensive against PDVSA in a bid to enforce a court ruling that awarded it US$2 billion in compensation for the forced nationalization of company assets in Venezuela. […]

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